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All Members

By John Buckley
2 July
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Change to how we use Member's cards...

The club has made the decision to remove the facility to "load up" membership cards with credit.
The main reason is that the process is time consuming during busy periods at the bar and also because the credit system causes problems with our accounting methods.
We also anticipate the introduction of a new till system in the next few months, so this will serve as an important step towards that goal.

The good news is that nothing will really change, as discounts from drinks will continue as normal.
So, bar staff will still require your card, which they will swipe to apply the members discount. You will then merely pay for the round of drinks you buy there and then.

Cash back and other facilities will be unchanged.

If you have an existing balance we would ask you use it up in the next few weeks, which will serve as a transitional period, during which the change over in systems will occur.
We have not fixed a specific deadline as of yet.

On a related note, can all members please ensure they have paid this year's subscription.

I hope this all makes sense.

Jo Brown or myself can explain the process if you have any questions.

Kind Regards

John Buckley


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