Last Man (or Woman) Left Standing

Last Man (or Woman) Left Standing

By John Buckley
25th September 2017
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New exciting fundraiser...

Dear Members,

How’s your football knowledge?

Do you think your'e good at picking winners?

Last Man Standing is an exiting new fundraiser for the club and really good way for one lucky winner to pick up a great cash prize.

All you have to do is choose one winning team…every week in the Premiership…until all your opponents are knocked out.

A full list of rules can be found below.

We are planning to get the first round of games up and running by the weekend of fixtures immediately after the next international break.

That's the Premiership matches played on 14 / 15 / 16 October.


Similarly we will have a new bank account set in place so players can transfer the £10 entrance fee.

The cut off date to send choices and money will be Noon on Thursday 12 October.

I will notify everyone of the relevant bank details in the next few days.


1. Only £10.00 per entry

2. 2/3 of the total collected is added to the Jackpot with 1/3 to Club funds. So, more players = bigger Jackpot and the Club benefits at the same time!

3. Jackpot depends on numbers, so invite friends and work colleagues. The more the merrier.

4. Simply pick ONE Premiership team you fancy to WIN each weekend.

5. If they win, you pick again next week, lose or draw and you're out.

6. You can't pick the same team twice. So naturally the choice reduces each week and become more difficult.

7. If all remaining players are knocked out in the same's a ROLLOVER & we start all over again with an EVEN BIGGER JACKPOT!!!

8. There can only be ONE WINNER!

Any questions?


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